Friday, September 26, 2008

Top 5 IT Pain Points

Cheryl Croce

Cheryl Croce
Sr. Consultant
Veris Associates, Inc.

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You are an IT director or manager responsible for the IT Service Management within your organization, and you recognize certain conditions seem to rise to the top and batter you daily. You'd like to learn how to overcome these so you can move onto other things and feel satisfied the annoying nuisances won't come back.

Through our extensive research and close interaction with our clients, we at Veris Associates, Inc. have discovered the 10 areas that seem to keep IT departments from fully reaching their potential. Many times, they are asked, at the same time, to maintain stable environments, provide new features, and support technology implemented by the business side of the organization. On top of that, the IT staff must prove their value to the organization. They are pressured to perform while feeling they could be replaced by outsourced or off-shored talent.

In this 40 minute interview, Cheryl Croce covers the Top 5 Pain Points. Click Here or the Listen Now button to listen to the interview.

Don't have time for the entire interview? Listen to a 5 minute excerpt by clicking here!